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Our team of dental specialists and staff strive to improve the overall health of our patients by focusing on preventing, diagnosing and treating conditions associated with your teeth and gums. Please use our dental library to learn more about dental problems and treatments available. If you have questions or need to schedule an appointment, contact us.

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Even Celebrities Like Jennifer Lawrence Aren't Immune From Bad Breath!
...But for many people, bad breath is no joke...

Do You Need a Root Canal?
... Other warning signs include: Red, swollen gums around the affected tooth Persistent bad breath An abscess (a pimple-like bump) on the gums It’s important that you come in right away if you are experiencing any of these symptoms...

Do You Have Periodontal Disease?
...Once the hard tissues are also involved, you have periodontal disease, and you will experience signs and symptoms like these: Receding gums, making your teeth look longer due to exposed tooth roots Sensitive teeth, because of the increased amount of root exposure Spaces appearing between your teeth and a difference in your bite Your teeth feeling loose, especially when you eat Increased bleeding or drainage from your gums Chronic bad breath and a sour taste in your mouth If you are experiencing any of the signs and symptoms of periodontal disease, it’s important to seek out the services of your dentist as soon as possible...