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Since dental implants were first developed in the 1950s and 1960s, they have been perfected as an ideal way to resolve issues with missing teeth. When a patient has enough healthy bone tissue, an implant can become a permanent part of the mouth through a process called osseointegration. Explore the benefits of choosing dental implants as your tooth replacement solution.

Why You Should Replace Missing Teeth 

Missing teeth present a number of challenges for patients both in terms of aesthetic appearance and daily function. Clearly, it's no fun smiling, talking, laughing, and taking pictures in public when you have a large gap in your smile. The open socket also puts you at a higher risk of developing gum infections and can become a trap for large pieces of food. When there is a gap in the smile, the other teeth may start to shift position, causing orthodontic concerns. For these reasons and more you should consider a permanent tooth replacement treatment.

Are Dental Implants Right for You?

Although some patients settle on dentures and other less permanent solutions for missing teeth, many others prefer the permanence of dental implants. If a dental X-ray shows that you have a certain amount of healthy bone where the missing tooth used to be, a dental implant should be your first choice. Here are a few benefits to think about:

- You won't have to remove this dental device to clean it—just brush and floss around it and all of your other teeth.
- Once it is fully healed, you can chew even the toughest foods (like steak) with a dental implant without feeling as if it might come out.
- Dental implants have a high success rate and commonly last for up to 15 years before a new crown is needed.

The Appointments You'll Attend for a Dental Implant Procedure

Expect to visit your dentist two or three times when you're getting dental implants. At the first appointment, your dentist will take X-rays to make sure that osseointegration is possible. Next, the implant, a small titanium post, will be placed inside the jawbone. Time must pass so that the bone tissue can grow around the implant and hold it in the jaw. At the next appointment, when the healing process is complete, you'll be fitted for a custom crown.

Dental Implants Will Fill in Your Smile

You don't have to accept the gaps in your smile due to missing teeth. Dr. Alan Myers can fill them in with dental implants at his dentist office in Augusta, GA. Make an appointment at Myers Family Dental today by calling (706) 738-7742.

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