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September 19, 2016
Category: Oral Health

Find out the benefits that are in store for you when you come into our Augusta, GA dental office.

Modern-day dental technology is certainly impressive and always changing to improve and meet the needs of our dental patients in healthy smileAugusta, GA. So the next time you come in to visit Dr. Alan Myers, find out how an intraoral camera could help make your next trip just a little bit easier.

As you may already imagine, early detection and diagnosis of a dental problem allows us to provide easier, less invasive and less aggressive treatment options for protecting your smile. With the intraoral camera, your general dentist can enlarge the teeth to about 40 times their actual size. By zooming in on your teeth, we can detect gum disease, cavities or other issues that we may not be able to see with the naked eye. In many ways, the intraoral camera is an imperative part of preventive dental care.

Beside the numerous health benefits of using an intraoral camera, it isn’t just used to diagnose dental issues. It can also be a great tool for educating our patients. Patients don’t always see the problems that are lurking in their mouths, but with the intraoral camera we can make it easier to show you what is going in with your smile. No silly drawings or diagrams needed to explain the issues you are having, just a clear, simple picture to show you.

Instead of detecting a cavity and just scheduling your dental treatment we can actually show you the problems that are occurring in your mouth to get you to be an active and knowledgeable participant in your own dental care. We don’t need to sell you on a dental treatment. By showing you what’s going on in your mouth through the intraoral camera we can determine the right treatment for you and your dental needs.

Do you have questions about your upcoming dental visit? Want to know more about our intraoral camera? Then don’t hesitate to call Myers Family Dental in Augusta, GA. We love when our patients take an active interest in their dental health!