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January 26, 2017
Category: Oral Health

You want to maintain a healthy smile, right? Then preventive care is essential.

Most people wonder why they have to visit our Augusta, GA dentist, Dr. Alan Myers, every six months, especially if their teeth and gums preventative dentistryseem healthy. Of course, while your mouth may feel great, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t issues bubbling up ready to rear their ugly head if we don’t step in and take care of it. Certainly, you could wait until it becomes an issue or you could just get preventive dentistry now. Find out why these routine visits to our office are so important.

Preventive dentistry protects your smile

Having a beautiful, healthy smile might be something that you take for granted most of the time but anyone that has gone through extensive dental treatments to improve the health of their smile will tell you that it’s much easier to get the dental care you need up front than trying to go through expensive and time-consuming treatments. Through these six-month visits our Augusta general dentist can detect problems early on.

Preventive dentistry preserves chewing and speaking

Could you imagine what it would be like to not be able to enjoy your favorite foods or be able to communicate properly with those around you? This is very much a reality for those dealing with tooth loss. Fortunately, by getting preventive dentistry regularly you can stave off the issues responsible for losing permanent teeth.

Preventive dentistry can also promote better general health

Did you know that oral problems like gum disease are linked to general health issues like diabetes or heart disease? By maintaining good oral hygiene and seeing us for routine care, you can reduce your chances of developing health problems. Plus, during these visits, we will also perform an oral cancer screening. It’s quick, painless and could just save your life.

Preventive dentistry keeps teeth clean

Do you hate how dull or stained your teeth become despite brushing and flossing regularly? Do you run your tongue along your teeth but they don’t feel smooth? That’s where professional teeth cleaning comes in. We can remove surface stains, brighten your smile and remove plaque and tartar to get your teeth feeling clean and smooth once more. No at-home cleaning will ever be able to match the results you’ll get when we clean your teeth.

Do you have questions about preventive dentistry in Augusta, GA? Do you need to schedule your routine cleaning? If so, then turn to Myers Family Dental and make sure your entire family maintains a healthy smile.