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November 29, 2017
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If you have ever had a toothache, you probably understand the extent of the damage it can do to your daily life. While many people fear root canalroot canals, this common and safe procedure actually cures a toothache and restores the damaged or decayed tooth, allowing you to chew, eat, and speak normally. Find out more about root canal therapy and its benefits with Dr. Alan Myers at Myers Family Dental in Augusta, GA.

What does a root canal accomplish?
A root canal cleans out the inside of a damaged or decayed tooth to preserve its natural structure and saves the tooth from extraction. While extraction may seem like a non-complicated, quick answer to a toothache, it comes with many side effects like shifting teeth and bone atrophy. Preserving the structure of the tooth below the gumline with a root canal avoids these side effects and keeps your smile functioning properly for years to come.

How does a root canal work? 
Your dentist will clean the decayed or damaged tissue from the inside of the tooth, then scrubs the inside of the tooth to ensure no tissue is left behind. While this saves the structure of the tooth below the gumline, the rest of the tooth is now hollow, requiring your dentist to place a filling material inside. While this restores the tooth itself, it leaves it compromised. A dental crown placed on top of the tooth stabilizes its structure, protects it, and helps prevent future damage.

Do I need a root canal? 
A common and obvious sign of needing a root canal is a toothache. However, your dentist will suggest a root canal in a situation where the tooth’s inner nerves become damaged. In addition to treating an active toothache, your dentist may suggest a root canal before you experience pain due to decay moving toward the nerve. This prevents a toothache from ever happening and treats the decay or damage.

Root Canal Therapy in Augusta, GA
We can help you determine if you could benefit from a root canal at a consultation or one of your bi-annual visits for a regular dental examination and cleaning. For more information on root canal therapy, please contact Dr. Myers at Myers Family Dental in Augusta, GA. Call (706) 738-7742 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Myers today!

By Myers Family Dental
December 09, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
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It’s important that you have all the facts when it comes to your root canal treatment.

Needing any kind of dental procedure can feel rather unnerving if you don’t know what to expect. Well, your Augusta, GA dentist is here Root Canalto give you the scoop on this endodontic procedure, why it’s performed and why it could actually save your tooth.

Myth: Root canals hurt.

Fact: You’ll be relieved to hear that root canals are performed to alleviate your pain, not cause it. The advanced techniques we use here in our office make it easy for our patients to get a root canal that feels no more invasive or uncomfortable as getting a dental filling. More often than not, our patients don’t experience any pain during their root canal.

Myth: Root canals kill the tooth.

Fact: While we will go inside the tooth to clean out the infection and remove the dental pulp, this will not kill the tooth. When your teeth were still developing during childhood, the nerves and blood vessels within the pulp helped with the development of the tooth. But as you matured the only function the nerves now serve is to produce pain when infected or injured.

Myth: Extractions are a good alternative to a root canal.

Fact: Whenever possible your Augusta general dentist will do everything to make sure you preserve your natural tooth. While there are a lot of great tooth replacement options out there they still aren’t as good as the real thing. That’s why a root canal ends up being the most cost-effective and safer option for patients with damaged or inflamed pulps.

Myth: Root canals require multiple appointments.

Fact: Most root canals can be performed in about one to two hours in just one visit. Those with more severe infections may have to come back for additional visits to make sure there are no complications and the infection has fully healed.

If you are noticing any dental pain or other issues it’s time to see your Augusta, GA dentist. Tooth pain should not be ignored. Call Myers Family Dental for all of your family’s dental needs, whether preventive, general or cosmetic.

By Myers Family Dental
September 21, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
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Root CanalMany patients look at a root canal procedure as something to dread, but it’s important to understand that a root canal is actually the solution to your toothache—not the cause. Learn more about having a root canal performed by your dentist Dr. Alan Myers in Augusta GA, and how this very common procedure can help you get back to good dental health.

Dental Pain
There are several levels of dental pain: a general sensitivity in a tooth, a mild ache or throbbing and an intense pain that causes headaches and makes it impossible to eat or even talk. Ideally you should have your teeth checked at any stage of dental pain, but unfortunately, many patients wait until the discomfort is so intense that it is unbearable. It’s estimated that three in 10 adults live with regular dental pain.

Having a Root Canal Procedure
A root canal is a fairly straightforward dental procedure that can be completed in as little as one appointment, depending on the severity of the issue. Your dentist Dr. Myers in Augusta, GA administers sedation to calm your nerves, then enters the problem tooth to clean out the bad tissue and disinfect the area. After it is thoroughly cleaned, a root canal filling material is inserted to prevent a new infection from developing.

How It Relieves Dental Pain...
The pain that you are experiencing when you have a major toothache is due to an infection that is irritating the inner nerves of your tooth. Until that diseased tissue is cleared up, you will continue to experience pain and discomfort. A root canal is the key to relief when you have a tooth infection or abscess.

Let Myers Family Dental Help Ease Your Pain
You don’t have to continue to suffer with dental pain, and unfortunately, it won’t just go away if you ignore it. Call Myers Family Dental at (706) 738-7742 to talk to an Augusta, GA dentist about your problem and learn how a root canal can help you get relief after just one or two appointments.