FAQs About Crowns and Bridges
By Myers Family Dental
February 08, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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Find out more about getting crowns and bridges and how they work.

Before you get any dental work it’s important that you understand everything you can about your procedure so you know whether it’s the best option for you and your smile. While your dentist can certainly determine whether you are an ideal candidate for certain treatments Bridgesthe sole decision-maker for what treatment is best lies with you. So isn’t it time you found out more about dental crowns and bridges from Myers Family Dental in Augusta, GA?

What is a dental crown?

This cap-like dental restoration looks just like the crown of a natural tooth and is fitted over a tooth that has been damaged. Crowns are most often recommended for teeth that have cracks, fractures, or severe discolorations and decay. When you get a dental crown from your restorative dentist Dr. Alan Myers in Augusta, GA, we will first need to buff out any cracks or fractures beforehand. This usually means removing a certain amount of enamel to prevent the tooth from further damage and to make room for the new restoration, which will be fitted over the tooth and cemented into place.

What is a bridge?

A dental bridge also uses dental crowns to restore your smile, the only difference is that a bridge is also designed to replace missing teeth. The bridge contains one crown on either end with an artificial tooth or teeth in the middle. These crowns are placed over healthy, neighboring teeth to hold the bridge in place.

Who should get crowns and bridges?

Anyone who has a damaged tooth and is looking to restore full function or appearance back into their smile can benefit from a dental crown. Also, those who are undergoing root canal treatment will most likely need a crown afterwards to protect the tooth from further problems.

Most patients who have good oral hygiene but are missing teeth can opt for dental bridges. Of course, you’ll need to have healthy teeth from which to secure the bridge. Your cosmetic dentist Dr. Myers will be able to examine your smile and determine if crowns and bridges are right for you.

What is the procedure like?

If you are just getting a dental crown then we will need to prepare the tooth ahead of time by removing some enamel. This will ensure that there is enough room for the crown to fit comfortably. With dental bridges, we will need to prepare the two surrounding teeth the same way we would for a regular crown.

In order to get either a crown or bridge, we will need to take impressions of your smile so that you can get a restoration that is customized to fit your smile perfectly. During your second visit, we will place the restoration and make any necessary adjustments before cementing it into place.

Myers Family Dental has been providing top-quality and comprehensive dental care to patients throughout the Augusta, GA area. If you want to find out if dental crowns and bridges are right for you then schedule a consultation with us today.